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Stainless Steel Countertops Cost

Cost of Stainless Steel Countertop Installation

The cost of stainless steel countertop installation varies widely. However, we have identified some of the key factors that will influence the cost of installation. Hopefully this will help you get a better idea of how much your project should cost.

1. Your geographic location. Where you live is an important cost factor in most cases. The cost of installation tends to be higher in bigger cities than small towns. If the cost of living in your area is high, labor and material costs will increase.

2. Commercial vs. Residential. Commercial projects tend to cost more than residential projects. Stainless steel countertops are commonly found in restaurants and commercial kitchens.

3. Square footage. The length and depth of your countertops will determine the total square footage. This number will be the basis of the contractor’s quote.

4. Customization. Straight countertops are the most affordable option. L-shaped and U-shaped counters may be more expensive. Cut-outs for sinks, cooktops, and appliances may increase the cost of your project. All custom pieces will come at an additional cost.

5. Type of steel. Most residential countertops are made of 16-gauge or 18-gauge steel. Lower gauge (thicker) steels will come at an additional cost. 14-gauge steel is more common for commercial and industrial countertops.

6. Wood backer. Most stainless steel countertops are installed with a wood backer (or substrate). Others are installed on a plywood base. This is provides additional stability and helps to minimize the noises the steel may create. A wood backer or base should be included in the cost estimate from your contractor.

7. Stainless steel finishes. The cost of installation should include a basic finish. Decorative finishes will come at an additional cost. However, they can be great for hiding fingerprints or creating a unique look. Stainless steel can come embossed, brushed, or polished. There are satin, mirror, matte finishes available as well.

8. Edge type. The edge profile of the countertops does not have to be square. A beveled or bullnose edge can also be created. However, these specialty edges may be more expensive. Also, a drip edge (or marine edge) will prevent minor spills from pouring off the side of the counters.

9. Backsplash installation. Some stainless steel countertops have a built-in backsplash or rear lip. These countertops may be more expensive. If you’re interested in another type of backsplash, such as ceramic tile or glass natural stone, your contractor may be able to complete this work as well. It can’t hurt to ask.

10. Sink installation. Installing a sink will come at an additional cost. However, there are some stainless steel counters have integral sinks (or sinks welded directly into the counters). This may help save a few dollars. Any plumbing will need to be handled by a licensed plumbing contractor.

11. Hardware. All of the necessary hardware (including mounting brackets) should be included in the quote from your contractor.

12. Cleanup. Cleanup should be included in the contractor’s cost estimate. The job site should be left just as clean, if not cleaner, than when the contractor first arrived.

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