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Granite Countertop Installation Cost

Cost of Granite Countertop Installation

There are many factors that influence the cost of installing granite countertops. Use the article below to get a better idea of approximately how much your project will cost. If you're ready to get started, ProMatcher can help you get several free cost estimates from local countertop contractors.

1. Your geographic location. Your geographic location will help determine the cost of installing your countertops. If you live in a big city where the cost of living is high, you should expect to pay a little bit more than the average. Also, if you live in a remote area and the contractor must travel a long distance to your home, this will come at an additional cost.

2. Removal of existing counters. If you are replacing countertops, keep in mind that you may need to pay extra for the haul away and disposal of your existing countertops. Especially with a heavy stone slab (like marble and granite), this can be costly.

3. Delivery and transport. Does the granite need to be special ordered? Is it imported from another country? Is the cost of shipping included in the estimate? These transport costs can add up quickly.

4. How much granite do you need? Where is the granite being installed? Will it cover kitchen counters or a bathroom vanity? Is granite need for the backsplash as well? The cost of materials and labor is typically quoted by the square foot. You should expect to pay more for a kitchen (especially one with a large island) than you would for a small bathroom counter.

5. Quality of the granite. The type of granite you choose is one of the most important cost factors. Rare varieties will be much more expensive. Many of these have unique veins and fissures that set them apart from the basic options.

There are many different colors to choose from, including red, blue, black, red, yellow, brown, green, and beige. The names of these colors vary widely, from galaxy black to morning rose. Make sure to take a look at a large slab of the granite you choose before making a final purchase. The small sample tiles may not be an accurate representation of the color. No two slabs are exactly alike.

6. Granite thickness. The standard thickness of granite kitchen countertops is 1.25 inches (or 3 cm). However, for bathroom countertops, a 3/4-inch slab is more common. Anything thicker will add to the overall cost of your project. Thicker slabs may be need for certain decorative edges.

7. How much cutting is required? The layout of your bathroom or kitchen may increase the cost of installation. Prefabricated pieces, that require no cutting, are the most affordable option. Custom slabs are going to be more expensive. How many corners and seams are there to work around?

8. Edges. There are many edge options available, including 1) bullnose edges, 2) beveled edges, or 3) OGEE edges. A standard edge will be included in the cost of installation. However, decorative edges will come at an additional cost.

9. Finish. While most granite countertops are polished, there are other finishes available. The granite can be honed, etched, brushed, or flamed. Other finishes may increase the cost of your countertop project.

10. Sink and faucet installation. Will the countertop contractors also be installing a new sink and faucet? This will add to the cost of your project.

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