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What is the best way to clean stainless steel countertops?

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Answer: Sanitizing solution
Clean Home 4 Us, LLC
Answer: Use a disifectant cleaner first then dry, then use a stainless steel cleaner.
Peaches N Clean
Answer: I have never seen stainless steel counter tops.
Maid Clean
Answer: Most basic stainless steel cleaning techniques simply involve some warm water and a really soft rag. Microfiber towels are a wonderful way to clean up kitchen surfaces, as they offer both the softness required and the hygiene. Stainless steel is inherently easy to clean. It does not demand too much attention unless you have neglected it for too long and do not immediately clean up after spills each day. In the case of both kitchen countertops and cookware, it is also best to wipe them dry, as mineral deposits can leave water spots even after thorough cleaning. If you do want to get the stainless steel kitchen ready for guests, then a multi-surface cleaner like Windex is a fine choice. It also apparently gets rid of any lingering bacteria, which is only a good thing!
Down & Dirty Cleaning Service
Answer: Wipe down the surface. Do a mild scrub: Sprinkle baking soda on the countertop. Pour a little bit of vinegar on a non-abrasive nylon scrubby or scrub brush, and scrub the countertop gently in the direction of the grain. Rinse thoroughly with a clean, damp dishcloth.
Green Glove Cleaning Service
Answer: just wash using water and a microfiber cleaning cloth. For tougher messes, add a few drops of dish soap. To clean and shine, you can use glass cleaner on stainless steel surfaces.
Pro Clean
Answer: With Stainless Steal Cleaner
Organic Maids, Home Watch & Concierge
Answer: We use a bio degradable degreaser and a soft sponge then rinse with water and shine with a soft cloth
Hags with Rags Cleaning Service
Answer: Clean with hot soapy water.
Rise-N-Shine Cleaning Company, LLC
Answer: With a stainless steal cleaner not abrasives.
Answer: With a stainless steel cleaner and a nin abrasive cloth.
Answer: I will use all 409 Degreaser
ike cleaning service
Answer: with stainlees steel cleaner
Dwyer Cleaning
Answer: Stainless steel cleaner, paper towel or microfiber cloth
J's Complete Cleaning Services
Answer: The best way i would say to clean stainless steel for me would be with Palmolive degreaser and a little easy of depending on how bad the appliances are, and lastly i go over it with all surface pledge cleaner for a nude shine.
Unity Cleaning Service
Answer: You can use a stainless steal cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Wouldn't use anything rough for you could scratch the surface pretty bad. Cleaner depends on the user
Mom's Cleaning LLC
Answer: With stainless steel cleaner.
Melissa's Cleaning Services
Answer: First remove debri and then damp wipe if needed If it's not a food environment I would finish it off with a quality stainless steel cleaner/polish
Building Pro Commercial Cleaning
Answer: The best way to clean stainless steel counter tops is to use oily products to protect and shine the metal.
Alina`s Cleaning Service
Answer: Wd-40
C & T Construction Cleaning
Answer: I use cleaners made specifically for stainless steel.
Gleem & Glow Residential Cleaning Services
Answer: With stainless steel cleaner
J and G's Clean Team
Answer: vinegar
Mila's Cleaning Services
Answer: Water Dish cloth Dish soap Baking soda Vinegar Nylon scrubbie or soft-bristled brush Dish towel or microfiber cloth Mineral or olive oil
California Maid Solutions dba Sears Maid Services
Answer: stainless steel cleaner and polish after disinfected
Jani-Serv, Inc.
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